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Our SEO Audit is a succinct, business-driven report that identifies potential areas in which your SEO and online marketing activities could be improved.

Our SEO Audits are a crucial analysis and recommendation document from one of our senior SEO consultants. This forms a blueprint to optimising your website and provides an insight on your competition's SEO strategies. The Audit avoids as much of the technical jargon as possible, allowing you to understand what needs changing and why.

An audit should be carried out at least every two years to make sure that good SEO practices are adhered to, new search algorithm factors are catered for, and to highlight any issues that may have arisen due to content being added via a Content Management System.

Google has over 200 factors its algorithm takes into account when deciding what position a website should appear under a given search term. Each of these factors has additional variants that are graded based on the relevance Google places on it at any given point. For example, last year Google was reported to have updated its algorithm 150 times.

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Quite apart from being absolutely delighted with the new website they have developed for us - which has been really well received by both our advertisers and users with compliments expressed on a daily basis - the principle pleasure has been working with 'real' people, and not technogeeks!"
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